Thursday, May 31, 2012

Petrol Price Hike!! But how justified is a Bundh ?

Petrol price has been hiked, yet again by our UPA government. Opposition parties have called for a nation wide Bandh today. I am starting to think that, this Bandh has more losses than gains(if any that i cannot think of). The government has already started the gimmick of reducing the petrol prices by Rs2, i doubt that it will seldom happen as of now because the Rupee value just fell even more further yesterday.
The Bandh affects the common man's life to a great extent, there are many people who earn and eat their food each day, these bundh's will just put a stall to their earnings today. India's economy will be affected even more because of the low trading and transactions that happen today, and no doubt that India will lose a few more millions of revenue, thanks to the Bandh called for. Now when the revenue is lost, there can be no hope for Rupee value to increase.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Long time no post

It’s been nearly a year I posted on blog. I didn’t want my blog to be without any posts for 1 year. I’ve planned to explain all that happened in the past 11 months in short (hopefully) in this post.

Soft Skill Training:
This started one of the important stages of my life, the beginning of my 6th semester, my preparations for the placement activities and learning to interact socially with people. The classes were taken by Mr. Harish who is a professional in this. I started the journey of knowing the people in my college in greater detail, also started one of the memorable semesters in my life. By the end of the training, I had come to a conclusion that if you hesitate to talk to girls then you will surely have a very tough time in the corporate world and also that I could not handle the stress in extreme conditions. Thanks to Bhargav, Abhishek and Sri Ranjan I’d come to a conclusion that I should work on controlling my anger. Also I learnt that my body language wasn’t that satisfactory, thanks to Harish Sir. I had learnt that it is a very competitive world out there and I needed to work hard.

NIE Marathon 09:
The plan to conduct to a marathon arose when we attended a rally organized by a political party against the Mumbai terror attacks. But it was very disappointing for a few students like me as we found that rally nothing but a political campaign. We decided to do something in memory of all those who had lost their lives in the attacks; it was not a matter to be taken up lightly. We decided to organize a marathon during our college fest. After deciding upon the plan and pleasing some of the so called CORE committee of TECHNIEK’s we were finally given the permission to organize the event. What happened after that history in NIE. The struggle we had undergone is known only to those 23 people who were involved in the Marathon Organizing committee, organizing an event is no walk in the park. We’d spent literally our days and nights on making this event a success. Our main purpose of organizing this event was to pay tribute to the martyrs of Mumbai attacks, but probably that didn’t really happen. The main reason being the TECHNIEK’s core committee failing to provide us with promised facilities and time. In the end the event went on quite well, in spite of many obstacles of improper funding, lack of support from the college etc.. The Marathon Organizers we ROCK. Thanks for all those people who directly or indirectly made this event a grand success.
My life was a turn around because of Marathon; I interacted with so many people, made some really good friends. The time spent in organizing the event is truly memorable.

Just after the exams we had the news of a couple of companies coming for campus recruitment. I’d completely made up my mind that I wouldn’t get into these companies because I had not prepared at all. The first company to come was NETAPP, I was lucky enough to have got into the 1st company itself. I will cherish that moment I heard my name in the recruited list. This surely was the biggest surprise in 2009 of my life. Thanks a lot god.

The Penultimate Semester:
I spent most of my 7th semester in the college in the canteen. Rarely did we attend any classes, we were so addicted to mass bunk that, we had to mass bunk at least 66% of a day’s class. Canteen had become our adda. In the mean time, the process of forming the project team and finalizing the project also started . This process saw a lot of dramas, betrayal from friends, tears in the eyes of helpless classmates who had a hard time finding a proper team, struggle to find a project in a company etc.. All was well in the end as every person in the class had got a satisfactory team.
7th Semester also marked the end of the lab life in Engineering, No more records & viva. We were having a great time in the lab, chatting for most of the time and working when we would feel that the lecturer would kick us out of the lab. 7th semester exams were probably the worst exams of my entire life, I hope that I pass all the subjects this time.
With all these 2009, one of the wonderful and eventful days in my life also came to an end. Thanks for everyone who made this year special. Cheers.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Brutal Indian Police

I had been reading and watching about all the injustice done by the india.But believe me,it’s a going to take a lot of courage to be in the receiving part of it. The issue had caught my attention 1st when the police hit out against the medical students for Opposing the the reservation.(I would not express my opinions in that matter b’cos it might create a lot of controversy). But still the violence against the students was untolerable and the people who were responsible for that are still walking freely even today. The so called government did not take an satisfactory action against them. Later many such instances caught my attention where the Police showed off their power against women and old aged people. After I saw these instances my belief on th Indian Police vanished. India is supposed to be a democratic country and all kind of silent protests are LEGAL. I decided today that I should blog about these Legal Goondas when I read an article in paper that in UP, a policeman had hit a 9yr old girl,accusing of her to be a theif and causing bruises all over he body,just because he thought that girl was a theif.Even if she had done it,should she have been given such a brutal punishement.Had it not been for the media the constable would not have even be suspended.The old saying about Democracy
“By The People, Of The People and For The People” is long gone in India.It now is only by the People and Of the People(Constituting mostly of the corrupt and selfish Politicians).As I said it takes a lot of courage to be at the receiving end of it(Although in my case it was not that serious).
This incident took place in the beginning of this year when our vacations had just started. We(Me,Bhargav,Vidya Shankar and Abhishek Shambu) had been to to the college to register our names for the Soft Skill Development Training in the College.Later we had been to the Churmuri shop near Ballal Circle in my town. There were already a few people there, all sitting on their vehicles and chit chatting(They were looking like the upcoming rogues). We not bothered by all these and just ordered our item in the shop and were sitting away from them. After sometime they all left and we too were leaving when arrived some 6 Policeman two in bikes and the rest in the jeep. They came and started scolding us with all sorts of slang language in Kannada just we had come in the bikes. They started accusing us as the Loafers who roam around all the time and pass vulgar comments on the girls passing by. They were at all ready to listen us, But I had to tell them that we were not what they had thought. I told that they were mistaken, I said that we were students and had holidays now and had come here to eat. At this the police hit out at me and would have hit me had we not zoomed of on our bikes. It was pretty clear that the people that had stood before we came had done such sort of things and someone had complained against it(which was not wrong). Even my friends adviced me of not to talk to the police like that,But I cannot stand such injustice.
One thing was clear that the Indian police(or atleast the Karnataka Police) that any youngsters who come with a bike to such place are all loafers.They don’t even have the common sense to enquire about such things.I could not even bare the wordly abuse by them,think about the people who had to tolerate the physical abuse. Will desency be not thought to the policemen during their training periods???? If not then they are just giving training and license for a person to become a Legal Rowdy. Will this ever end in India?? As of now I don’t think so.

Monday, February 2, 2009

What Has Happened To Me????

At last i am back to blogging. Although i had felt in the past 3 months that i should resume blogging,due to some or the other reasons i had postponed it. Today i made up my mind and have resumed it.Although the delay of blogging up to January 1st is justifiable b'cos of my exams i have no particular reason for not blogging after that.In fact i used to spend most of my time in front of my comp either playing FIFA 07 or watching the movies.
I have spent  a lot of time this vacation browsing online without any goal,thanks to Stumble toolbar on my firefox which take me to the website that might be of my interest. Although sleeping was my favorite past time in vacations until last semester,these vacations were a lot different i never found satisfaction in sleeping, in fact i would sleep only upto 7 in the morning and whenever there was no power in my house(else i would be in front of my computer). I used to spent a lot of time in the evenings with my friends,something was still going on in my mind and i was still unsatisfied. I had been to my native place for about 8days,still something was lacking in this passing of this vacations.

I had made a lot of resolutions for this new year which i have not followed till now.( I keep making resolutions every year but fail to keep up with it).My travelling continued and i visited my Music teacher,now in Bangalore( I rarely used to go to their classes ) in my childhood days,i should rather say she was a family friend rather than a teacher.Somehow i felt that the 4 days spent with thier family was the best days in my vacation times(even though we rarely went out of the house there).I don't know what had happened to me the past month, i spent almost all of my vacations without a purpose when most of my classmates were busy preparing for Campus Recruitments. Now i feel the start of this month has brought a new purpose in me,and has made my thinking clearer. The best example being my resuming of blogging. I have a lot of things to do this semester but nothing would stop me blogging regularly from now on..

I am thinking about writing posts on a variety of things that have happened during my absence in my blog,
hope i do so.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sincere Request

Happy Deepavali to all of you friends.Let this festival of Light enlighten your life,bring to truth all of your desires.
This festival of colors is being celebrated on the name of Bali Chakravarthy who is assumed to come on earth only on this day of Bali Padyami. For all of the people out there i request them to be extremely careful while bursting these crackers, As you all know our country is under the constant danger from the terrorists and there is a need for us to be under extra care.
One can hear the sounds of firecrackers exploding from all directions. People of all age groups are fascinated with firecrackers, which form a prominent part of the Diwali celebrations. Firecrackers are known to cause air pollution as well as noise pollution and are extremely harmful for senior citizens and small children.Pets such as dogs and cats also suffer on account of firecrackers as animals have a more sensitive sense of hearing than humans. It is important for each one of us to act as responsible citizens and discourage the use of firecrackers.
Pets such as dogs and cats also suffer on account of firecrackers as animals have a more sensitive sense of hearing than humans. It is important for each one of us to act as responsible citizens and discourage the use of firecrackers.Pets such as dogs and cats also suffer on account of firecrackers as animals have a more sensitive sense of hearing than humans. It is important for each one of us to act as responsible citizens and discourage the use of firecrackers.
Let each one of us take a pledge this Diwali to say NO to firecrackers and invest in a safer and greener future. Diwali is the festival of lights and we must enlighten our lives with the sparkle of joy and goodwill, forget past grievances and look ahead towards a brighter and happier future.